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The Best of Baja Norte

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  • Restaurants


    • Asian


      • akai sakana Brasserie

            Sushi across from Rosarito Beach Hotel

        the Best traditional Japanese style sushi, Kobe beef, steak, and more.
        Closed on Monday Open Thursday through Sunday From: 12:00 to 22:00 Hrs.
      • Mongolian grill

            Taste of Asia

        +52 .(661)100-6244
        Classic Mongolian Grill and other Asian dishes like Japanese teriyaki and Korean tacos.
        Mon-Sun 11:30am-8:30pm CLOSED WEDNESDAY
      • Sin Lee

            adequate Chinese

        Located in Primo Tapia near the pedestrian bridge. Not great but if you are desperate…for chinese food
    • Bars


      • Hussongs

            A Baja Classic - if the walls could talk!

        +52 (646)178-3210
        Historic (est 1889) , Rowdy, World famous & timeless Bar on the main street in Ensenada. If you are headed to Ensenada this is where you should end up!
      • Papa's & Beer

            Best Party Bar

        +52 (661)612-0444
        A Rosarito classic where the fiesta never stops. on Rosarito Beach
    • Fine Dining


      • Caesar’s Hotel & Restaurant

            Best Caesar Salad

        This is the birthplace of the Caesar (Really!). A great experience. It is a full 30 minute tableside preparation. On Revolution in Tijuana.
      • La Hacienda

            Vertical Seafood in an Outdoor Setting.

        +52 646-155-2859 & +52 646-155-2860
        La Hacienda is located in a lush garden setting along Guadalupe Creek and can only be described as a an essential culinary experience when visiting the valley.
        Daily from 8:00am - 6:00pm
      • Los Cristales

            Best Outdoor Cocktails on sunny day

        +52 (661) 614-6009
        Great place to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Great atmosphere with a good selection of international and seafood dishes at Los Cristales. Located in the Las Olas Grand hotel next to Calafia Resort
      • Susanna’s

            Best Elegant Dining

        +52 (661)613-1187
        ONE OF OUR FAVORITES ! Susanna is Baja's consummate "Gringa" host. Her Baja-Med Cuisine will wow you. The restaurant is elegant open kitchen style with a fantastic wine list and romantic elegant décor. Rosarito at its finest!
        Open daily 1-10pm Closed Tuesday.
      • Baja Calypso

            Vertical Seafood in an Outdoor Setting.

        +52 646-155-2859 & +52 646-155-2860
        La Hacienda is located in a lush garden setting along Guadalupe Creek and can only be described as a an essential culinary experience when visiting the valley.
        Daily from 8:00am - 6:00pm
      • Mi Casa Supper Club

            Mexican, Moroccan, Mediterranean, International, Soups, Vegetarian Friendly, Gluten Free Options

        +52 664 609 3459
        The delightful & exquisite blended flavors from Morocco & Baja California's wonderful chef, Bo Bendana, are brought to life in every dish she creates. Chef is always adding new menu creations!
        Daily from 8:00am - 6:00pm
    • Food Stand


      • Gaviotas Tamale House

            Best Tamales

        Best masa ever. Pick up a dozen (pork on Saturday is awesome). They are the best I’ve ever had. 100 yds south of the entrance to Los Gaviotas on the east side of the free road.
        open 10:00 am till there all gone (usually late)
      • La Lenador

            Great straight up burritos tacos, shrimp, fish, carnes, menudo on Sunday

        +52 (664) 409-3806
        La Lenador is a great little food stand restaurant in the Calafia area and can do fantastic catering for any situation
      • Las Gaviotas Fish Market

            Best Fresh Fish, Shrimp & Ceviche in Las Gav

        You MUST try the ceviche, you will be hooked... Only on weekends in summer near pool. The Ensenada fish market is actually the best if you are willing to take the drive.
      • Taco Surf

            A surfers tradition. Try the al pastor torta!

        Carne Asada, Puerco Al Pastor Great Tortas too. Grab a beer at the market next door. KM37.5 just north of Club Marena on west side of street
      • Taco’s Yaqui

            Best Carne Asada (yaqui style)

        ***Where the locals go !! ** Be prepared to wait in line, the taco’s are that good! Located in Rosarito, near Festival Plaza hotel, 2 blocks off (east) the main street. If heading north, turn right on the street just before Festival Plaza, go 2 blks and turn left. The restaurant will be on your left.
      • Tacos Baja Jr

            Best Seafood Taco Stand

        OUR FAVORITE LUNCH TIME MEAL ! Do not miss this!!! It is spectacular!! Shrimp & Fish with all the fixings. South end of Rosarito on west side of street just south of 7Eleven by the old toll booths.
    • French


      • Le Bistro

            Best French

        +52. (661)612-2655
        Beautiful French food in a classic atmosphere including a live classical guitarist - across from El Nido north of Festival Plaza
        Open 7 days a week from 12:30-10:00pm
    • Italian


      • Bobby's

            Best Southern Italian

        +52 (661)614-1135
        Try the penne with smoked chicken. Bobby is a great paisano host and he also has every sport on his TV's - 1 km south of Las Gaviotas on west side of street.
        Open 7 days a week 24 hours a day
      • Ollie's Pizza

            Best Pizza

        Gourmet Tuscan style pizza that is to die for! Best on either side of the border. Richard (your host) imports Italian flour to create the perfect crust. Fine wine list spectacular salads and scrumptious deserts
      • Pasta y Basta Trattoria Italiana

            Best Italian

        +52 661 117 9825
        Small, quaint and authentic--Amazing pastas and wood-fire pizzas. Chef Christian menu is complemented by weekly specials. Nonna's lasagna and squid ink risotto are among my favorites. Service is very friendly and top notch.
        4:30-10:00PM Closed Monday
    • Mariscos (mexican seafood)


      • Splash

            Classic Mariscos

        +1.(619)948-4906 +52 (661)614-0095
        By Far one of our favorite places. Killer grilled shrimp burritos, fish tacos, insane black sea bass and great lobster. Built into a lava flow on the water south of the dunes. restaurant, bar, fresh sea food, the best lobster bisque in Baja.
        Open from 9:00am till the last customer leaves.
      • Vince's

            Center of town, Live lobster

        +52 (661) 612-1253
        Vince's is an old favorite of many in Rosarito. The restaurant resembles and old pier and there is a patio that looks down on the main drag of Rosarito.
      • Ortega's Patio

            Best Overall Puerto Nuevo Experience

        +52 (661)614-0345
        The Ortega family has been serving up fried lobster for decades and this restaurant is their finest ever. Terraced oceanfront patios are filled with the sounds of the surf and strolling mariachis fills the air and big platters of rice, beans tortillas and lobster fill the tables. they do also have a full menu. try the ceviche served in a pineapple.
    • Mexican


      • Azteca

            The Rosarito Beach Hotels Flagship Restaurant

        Lunch and dinner menus include some of the best selections to be found anywhere along the Baja coast. Authentic Mexican and Continental entrées that include a wide range of seafood, beef and chicken dishes
        Open daily from 7:00am-10:00pm
      • Bahia Cantilies

            Best Value Mexican Dinner House

        A taste of old Mexico. Authentic tamales, tacos, rellenos & enchiladas. - Between Rosarito and Puerto Nuevo just south of Bobby's. Look for the blinking sign.
      • El Nido

            Rosarito's Original Baja Steakhouse

        +52 (661) 612-1430
        Mesquite delight - Rosarito Beach - Main drive - two block north of Rosarito Beach Hotel on west side of street (try the filet mignon & calamari combo). It is a Rosarito classic!
        Open from 8:00am -12pm
      • El Pescador Fiesta

            Mexican- American BBQ-Seafood

        Mex.01 661-614-0854
        Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners Served Anytime. Daily offerings of BRISKET, BABYBACK RIBS, and BEEF SHOULDER are so tender, it just melts in your mouth.
        8 AM - 12 Midnight Kitchen Hours: 8:00am -9:00pm Bar Always Open
      • La Flour De Michoacán

            Best Carnitas

        +52 (661)6130278
        North of the center of Rosarito on the west side, a classic. You order by the kilo.
      • La Fonda’s

            Best Sunday Brunch 

        +52 (646)155-0308
        Great Mexican buffet, over 100 dishes & great ocean views. Try to eat outside. Located half way between Rosarito and Ensenada at KM 57
      • Tapanco

            Best Mexican Steakhouse

        +1.(619)948-4906 +52 (661)614-0095
        A MUST VISIT for your stay. WE LOVE THIS PLACE and Alfredo his son Pablito and the whole crew at Tapanco. This place takes the Northern Baja Steakhouse concept, started by El Nido, to another level. You will start your meal with a table side preparation of their mesquite smoked tomato salsa made to your specifications. Then the fresh salad "lazy Susan" bar is brought to your table.
        Open from 9:00am till the last customer leaves.
      • The Palm "RUBENS"

            Great Sunday Brunch

        In Cantamar, Just south of Puerto Nuevo on the free road. Look for the big thatch roof. Spectacular tequila selection, spicy live music (on weekends), great sports TV setup and scrumptious selections of steak, seafood and regional Mexican cuisine. The ri

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