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Arcel has owned and operated restaurants in the Rosarito area since 2005 !
You can pre-order breakfast gourmet burritos or you can hire him for a wonderful in-house chef experience. Either option you're guaranteed a spectacular meal ! 
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Arcel Banderas

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He'll do all the shopping and will come in and prepare a meal for your group !

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Arcel's Happy Clients

 Working with Chef Arcel was such a treat 

 Upon our arrival the 1st night in Baja--he had top shelf cocktails in our hands right off the bat and then had amazing appetizers rolling out soon after. 

The food was all top notch and the seafood was fresh from local markets. When he found out I was loving Mezcal drinks he made a special run to get a great mezcal for making a specialty tamarind drink with. 

We also had his breakfast and that was a big hit. I can highly recommend getting Chef Arcel and team to make a some special meals for your group. It was like having a chefs table right within our accommodations. 

Joe Rollinson from San Diego  July 2021

Arcel's DELIVERY Breakfast menu

Place your order the night before 8:00pm,  delivery the next morning 

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* - SIMPLY OUTSTANDING! We hired Arcel for Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinner for 4 days 3 nights including an Industry Dinner for 18.

It's such a relief when you're hosting a work related long weekend (and a large industry dinner) when you don't have to worry about ANYTHING - that was our experience using Arcel to cater all of our breakfasts, lunches and dinners for 4 days 3 nights include a large industry dinner for 18.

Arcel handled EVERYTHING. The menu planning, the shopping and presenting meal after meal so beautifully and so delicious that every one of our guests was blown away and commented. From beautifully prepared omelettes, to home made soups to Filet Mignon and Octopus, to handmade Margaritas - Arcel never missed a beat.

Often we'd have unexpected guests arrive for lunch or dinner and he handled everything in stride (restocking everything as we needed it). He is such a kind, personable man and so great to have at the house. All of our guests not only enjoyed his incredible food but enjoyed HIM.

We really put Arcel to the test during a large industry dinner at the house that exceeded our original guest count by quite a bit. But somehow Arcel made it all work with Filet Mignon for everyone and a presentation that had everyone talking! Arcel's desserts are also off the charts with our guests coming back to ask for more every time! I just can't say enough good things about Arcel and the way he handled every aspect of our 4 day stay with him.

We're already planning to come back soon and you can bet we'll be asking Arcel if he can please join us again! —Mike Baldridge ,Momentum Talent and Literary Agency, Los Angeles, CA
January 2020



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