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DRIVING in Mexico

 The best option when it comes to visit Baja is driving your own car. The direction to get to any of the Baja-Rentals Resorts (Club Marena, Las Gaviotas, La Jolla Del Mar, and Calafia) are very well explained in our rental package that will be sent to you via mail or email as part of your reservation confirmation. Also the roads are well marked and well traveled.     20,000- 40,000 people  cross the border back and forth  everyday. 


Taking your car into Mexico -- best option, Must have liability insurance. Click here for more information.

  • Renting a car -- all major rental car co will allow you to take their cars into Mexico as long as you buy additional Mexican insurance for about $20 per day.



Leave your car at home: Transportation Options


Baja Transportation Services

You can call any of the following safe transportation services that will pick you up right at the airport and take you directly to your resort destination in Baja:





Telephone 01152  + (664) 255-0111  + (664) 255-0111 (dialing from the US)

Nextel 152*15*12376


First class transportation to Tijuana/Rosarito/Puerto Nuevo and

Ensenada from San Diego Airport and Los Angeles.

Telephone  1(858) 675-3053  1(858) 675-3053 .
Fax 1(858) 451-0332.

Custom transportation services to Rosarito/Puerto Nuevo/Ensenada

from Los Angeles and San Diego!

Telephone  1(619) 475-9593  1(619) 475-9593 .

4048 Bonita drive, Bonita, California, 91902.
Tours and transportation to Rosarito/Puerto Nuevo/Ensenada and

other Baja destinations.




Taxis are a very convenient way to get around town. Taxis are readily available at the border, in Rosarito and at all the resorts. You can negotiate !  Below we have listed the prices that you should expect to pay below.



Yellow Taxis at the border:

· $35 dollars from the border to any of Baja-Rentals resorts.


Eco Taxis in Rosarito:

· $10 dollars from your resort to Rosarito’s town (except La Jolla Del Mar)

· $6 dollars from La Jolla Del Mar to Rosarito’s town

· $5 dollars from your resort to Puerto Nuevo or the Sand Dunes (excepte La Jolla Del Mar)

· $7 dollars from La Jolla Del Mar to Puerto Nuevo or the San Dunes

· $3-$5 dollars with-in Rosarito’s town


The above rates are calculated either way

· $25 dollars from your Resort or Rosarito BACK TO THE BORDER

· $35-$37 dollars from your resort or Rosarito to Ensenada.

1. If you require the cab to wait for you or drive you around Ensenada it will cost you an extra $10 dollars per hour.

2. If you need the cab all day long you can always negotiate a fix rate  for the day.

Taxis lineup at the entrance of Las Gaviotas, Club Marena, Puerto Nuevo and the Rosarito Beach Hotel. If you don’t see them have the guards call for you. If you want to call them you will dial from your US phone  00 52 661-614-3200  00 52 661-614-3200 or from a mexican phone 614-3200.


Taxi From San Diego Airport to Rosarito/Ensenada


If you are adventurous you can get the trolley from the airport to the border town of San Ysidro then walk across the border to Tijuana and right at the walking entrance you can get a Yellow Cab that will take you directly to your resort destination for about $35 dollars. It will be only a 30 minute ride from the border. This is the best option if you do not want to get involved in renting a car and the return line at the border.


Buses of Rosarito



If you want to get a bus there are bus stops clearly shown on both sides of the highway and/or the main streets in Rosarito such as Blvd Popotla and Blvd Benito Juarez as well as the entrance to Puerto Nuevo. Northbound buses are headed for Rosarito Beach, southbound buses are headed for Ensenada. This will cost you between $1 to $1.50 dollars.


US Border Wait Times


If you are driving back to the US you can check out the border waiting time at or dial  00 1(619) 690-8999  00 1(619) 690-8999 . If you are in Baja you have to dial 00 + 1 + 619  + 690-8999  + 690-8999 from either a Mexican phone or a US phone.



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