BAJA RENTALS has spent a lot of time shopping in the Rosarito area and we have accumulated a list of  our favorite shops.    Some of the stores on this page are multi-generation family owned businesses.    This web page is their only form of advertisement.   You will find a great assortment of unique jewelry, art, pottery, furniture and Mexican souvenirs from all over the country. When you visit them, let them know that Baja Rentals sent you.   Happy shopping !


Nuevo is a fishing Village which has lots more than lobster to offer. Puerto Nuevo has everything from from Mexican curios to fine art. Puerto Nuevo is located just south of Las Gaviotas on the free road at km48.
If you stop by Puerto Nuevo don’t miss the Mexican candies you can only get there. As a must you have to try the variety of nuts covered with “piloncillo”; a Mexican ancient sweetener the Aztecs used as sweetener. After you shop, please visit one of the 100 of Restaurants.

Rosarito Curios Bazaar


Puerto Nuevo, you will find friendly people who will bethrilled to help you and  your family or group find the best place to eat,drink and purchase souvenirs.  
Puerto Nuevo; The Lobster Village in Northern Baja.

Plaza Pueblo

in the center of Rosarito is an authentic blast of Old Mexico. Bands perform in the plaza periodically, also groups of kids and teenagers performs Mexican traditional dances. You will find a variety of shops, leather goods, trinkets, art, mexican curios and lot more. A perfect place to visit during your vacation.


Pabellon Rosarito

Pabellon Rosarito

Pabellon Rosarito is the largest shopping center in Rosarito. This great shopping mall has brought to Rosarito the best retail brands known such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Burger King, Apple Bee’s and many others. Also, visit our new movie theater ‘Cinepolis’ where you will find the currently released movies for locals and tourists as well. Most movies are in English with Spanish subtitles.

Curious Guanajuato is a family owned business since 3 generation ago; All member of the Rojas family has learned how to work the clays, cement, and inks at early ages. This is how they keep the same quality of materials and their unique style when painting and creating pots and cement sculptures. Salvador the patriarch of the Rojas family invites you to visit their curios shops located right in front of Las Gaviotas.

Curios Guanajuanto

Fausto Polonco


Blvd. Benito Juárez #2400  
Ph. 011-52 (661) 612- 2271 and (661) 612 -0125
From EU toll free 1 888 558 1867.

Fausto Polonco brings to you, from all over Mexico, selected pieces made by mexican artists and artisans.  You will never find so many beautiful unique item in one store.   For over 20 years Fausto Polanco has being showing the world the wonders of fine mexican art. Fausto Polanco also offers interior designer services, custom furniture and accessories bringing the possibility for customers to choose from fabrics, woods, leathers, and accessories for every piece.      This store is located on the north end of town, 3 blks south of McDonalds.   THEY CAN SHIP TO THE US !


Acentos de México offers you a Hacienda style home decoration and furniture. Acentos de Mexico has an extended showroom with the most spectacular hacienda style and rustic furniture. They can also make any type of custom designed furniture with the finest woods in the market.
Blvd. Benito Juárez
Ph. 011 52 (661)612-0721

US Ph. (619)565-1087.

Lomeli Tile

Lomeli Tile is a company established since 1955 in Baja California, they are famous for their Talavera products, ceramic tile, and accessories, The dedication to their designs and fabrications are unique and 100% artisanal. Lomeli Tile does retail and wholesale, of ceramic tile and accessories.

Tiles and Marbles

Blvd. Popotla Km. 28

Ph.  011-52 (661)6122704


Marmol Natural


Marmol Natual is a family owned and operated company since two generations ago. They started exporting to the US in 1992 the finest stones including Onix, Granite, Lime stone,  and the finest marbles in the market. More that 120 families make their living working from block cutting, to modeling the stone to export.

Blvd.Popotla Km. 30.5
Ph.  011-52(661)613-1240

Terra Tile

Terra Tile manufactures all types of clay materials including roof, floor and wall tiles. They also handle classic Mexican talavera and variety of ceramics.

Blvd. Popotla Km. 30

Ph. +52 (661) 612-5119


Fine Art

Polo's Fine Art Gallery

Polo’s Fine Art Gallery

. The works of many prominent Baja artists line the walls of Giorgio Santini Gallery. If you visit this Gallery you will see the quality of the contemporary art, impressionism art, realism art, just to mention a few of the variety of styles you will find when walking through the finest art gallery in the area, located 10 minutes south of Rosarito on the west side of the free road Rosarito-Ensenada.

has been serving Northern Baja since 1991. They take pride in providing original fine Art from local Artists. They have over 1000 original paintings and sculpture in stock. Polo’s Fine Art Gallery invites you to visit them at Blvd Popotla km. 33.5 #49 (across from Exploration). If you visit their gallery and you are not prepare to do a cash purchase, you can go to and pay online with your Credit Card, you will received your painting directly at your hotel or your resort destination. You can also receive your painting via UPS or DHL Art-Care Service, directly at your home anywhere in the US. Polo’s Fine Art sends all originals with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist.


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