Things you should know to ensure your car is covered while driving in Mexico.


What is Mexican Liability insurance ?

  1. Regardless of what US insurance company you are with, you are still required to purchase, at a minimum, Mexican liability insurance coverage. It costs on average about $20 per day. If you plan an extended stay in Mexico or plan to return to Mexico multiple times throughout the year the companies listed below have 180 day policies at a much cheaper rate. Please be aware, if you are in an accident and do not have this you will be taken to jail.
  2. Check with your U.S. insurance company to see if they will cover your car for damages or theft to your vehicle within a small mileage range into Mexico. Typically most major US carriers will cover 25 to 75 miles from the US border. If your US company tells you that they will cover liability in Mexico, be wary because this may be misleading. Mexican authorities cannot recognize U.S./Canadian policies which means you do not have coverage according to their legal system.


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