Sunday, April 21, 2019

Baja-Rentals has homes directly in front of some of the best breaks in northern Baja.

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Starting at Baja Malibu where south swells produce excellent beach break barrels. Then on to Popotla which is the best left in Northern Baja. Calafia, best known for Calafia point which breaks on a big south, but also host many other consistent breaks, like Mushrooms, which are good on all swell directions. BusStops (K35), El Morro, Campo Marta's and Teresa's/Urchins (K37.5) produce firing reef waves that break on all swell directions. These all have public access (except Popotla) off the free road.  

La Fonda is an exceptional beach break and you can always enjoy the restaurant afterwards. Salsupuedes is an epic bay that can fire under the right conditions. San Miguel is the popular righthand reef at the northern entrance to Ensenada (toll booth). 

Northern Baja Surf Spots






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